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Search Engine Optimization – Why SEO

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Searching is one of the most common activities on the internet. Not just because of the huge volume of searches, but also because of the fact that the user is an inbound prospect actively looking for a service makes searching a very critical touch point for marketing. Some significant advantages of search engine marketing are:

  1. Higher conversion rates compared to push campaigns
  2. Helps in creating awareness in ppotential users
  3. Helps in attracting qualified traffic
  4. Assists in estabilishing credibility and inspiring consumer confidence

Searching is an important channel for driving traffic to any brand’s website. It also helps the business in achieving important marketing goals including:

  1. Searching is the prime source of traffic for any website
  2. Users gained through search are high intent and are most likely to convert
  3. Most people these days search online before purchasing any product
  4. An ever-present brand can be at the top of the user’s mind

How does a Search Engine work?

Search engine marketing strategies are developed around the way search engines work. To understand this, you
must look at the steps Google incorporates to find relevant results to a search query. These are —
1. Crawling : Search engines use a type of software known as ‘web crawlers’ to discover publicly available
pages. Google uses a web crawler called ‘Googlebot’.
2. Indexing : Indexing is the process of adding web pages to Google Search. It involves processing the
information collected by Googlebot from its crawling activities.
3. Processing : After indexing, Google processes the search request, which means that it compares the
keywords in a search query with the words in its indexed pages.
4. Relevance: It is also possible that several pages contain the same words as those in the search query. In such
a case, Google calculates the relevancy of each link, based on various factors, in its index to the search query.
5. Results : The next task for Google is to retrieve the best-match results and display them in the right order of



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